21.11.98, Москва, Россия.

Андрей Гусенков,,, 26.11.98.

      Just back from the gig - just a few words I have to prepare my trip to St.Petersbourg - for another gig. Overall impression - AWESOME. Mmmm, I think I am not discovering anything new for you...
      I've seen Purps twice in 1996. Now they are twice better - Gillan (though not feeling well) was great, fantastic solos from Steve and Roger (great bass solo in POH as usual, okay, nut also in Speed King I think), great Lord's work on solos - among others - Moscow nights, (remember Fireball ann.edit.?) and - wow - an arrangement of USSR national anthem.;-). Paicey's solo just blew the heads away - that was a real massive drum clinic.
     The band was in fantastic mood - not surprising as the audience was enthusiastic at the point of going mad, singing almost all the songs. The show seemed to be sold out - huge venue was packed. Excellent mix, simple but well done light show, stage decoration - abandon back cover.
Set list -
Ted the Mechanic
Strange Kind of Woman (no interplay this time)
Bludsucker ("This one is very sincerely dedicated to the management" - introduces Gillan)
Pictures of Home (including jazzy jam that makes kids shout)
Almost Human (what a powerful thing!)
Watching the Sky
Woman from Tokyo
Fingers to the Bone (cool intro by Steve, powerful and melancholic)
Any Fule Kno That
Smoke on the Water (no Steve's intro from 96' tour, sounds closer to the original than before, Jon's solo mentioned above)
Lazy (the crowd is going wild, Ian looks good in tis cowboy hat, play great harmonica)
Perfect Strangers
Speed King (fantastic Paicey's and Rog's solo, Gillan/Morse vocal-guitar interplay, Morse/Lord guitar-organ interplay)


Black Night
Highway Star

      I just have to add that for the first time I could meet all the band, had a chance (and time!) to talk to Roger and Steve. The briefing on the eve of the gig was poor. I think no really interesting questions were asked so the band had no occasion to communicate any particular nformation).
      A few hours before the gig Roger and Steve were interviewed on local FM station and Steve played live I will post other news later..