29.03.02, Рига, Латвия.

Mihails Galushka,

      It was the second time Deep Purple came to Riga. First time it was in 2000. For 30 years we had been hearing but never seen them. It was unbelievable that finally it will happen. But this time we were concerned about seeing something less impressive. This feeling was intensified with information about Jon Lord leaving Deep Purple. How Deep Purple will sound and look like with Don Airey?
      We were the first standing near the doors of Kipsala hall at 5 pm. The concert had to start at 8 pm. But because of some problems with delivery of devices required for the show 7 pm was the time when a big cargo car entered the hall and unloading begun. The concert had started an hour late. All efforts of sound engineer running all along the stage and having his supper at the same time during 1 hour were broken when Woman from Tokyo started. The voice of Ian Gillan was not heard at all, something strange happened with guitar and bass, but the newcomer Don Airey was very assiduous and everybody in the hall could heard it - his organ was beating up all other guys. In other words the first piece consisted of many grimaces and f***s targeted to sound engineer. When it was over Gillan made his excuses to us and the real magic started. Maybe it is the absecne of Jon Lord and a good background of Don Airey that inspired so much energy and fervour in Steve. It was his show, he was the main figure there and comparison to Ritchie is out of place here! At least half of time was dedicated to fantastic improvisations. There were many classic DP pieces + aviator and some other things from 90's. The audience was in euphoria. Gillan have noticed that no one was shouting "Smoke...". Every move and every note was catched and enjoyed. Even the lack of Child In Time was not so tragic. We were happy to see DP one more time, to encore them and to have a good warm feeling inside after the concert!