На видео "Concerto For Group And Orchestra" видно, как музыканты Deep Purple подсматривают в ноты. В то же время, ходили слухи, что нотную грамоту в группе знал только Лорд. Где истина?

Roger Glover
(Finish magazine "Rumba", No 12.1993)

       "Jon of course knew notes, so he could read the music, and I guess Paice also undestood something about notes, but there were no use to get those papers ahead of us others - we understood nothing about them. Jon had to create for us own 'notes': In concert we played with notes ahead of us, but there were no notes, but advices like 'wait for funny melody and look what Jon is doing'. I don't think Concerto is a perfect encounter of two musical worlds, but quite succeeded dialog anyway."