Какова история появления сингла "Black Night"? Правда ли, что он был записан за один час?

Roger Glover
(Finish magazine "Rumba", No 12.1993)

       "When we were made In Rock, record company insisted, that we must to do also a single. We thought we were non-commercial and we must be taken so seriously, so we tried to refuse: "We are an albumband, we don't want any hit-single." Anyway record-company insisted we to make something that BBC and other radiostations could play.
       We went to studio without any inspiration and tried this and that, but nothing seemed to work. Finally we went to lunch to pub. Of course it turned out to uncontrolled drinking. We were in the pub until they closed and finally we all were totally drunk.
       Ritchie and I were first ones back in studio. Ritchie took his guitar and played a riff, which sounded awfully great for me. "You did it, this is going to be our single", I was excited, but Ritchie said "Absolutely no way, it is 'Summertime' by Ricky Nelson". With drunken stubborness I hold that idea and finally I had my way. Background, for which we played everything that just occurred to our minds, was ready less than hour and after that Gillan and I did as stupid words as possible. 'Black Night' name was stolen from song by Episode Six and then we invented funny rhymes; night, bright, right - whatever came to our minds was allright.
       Next day guys from record company get excited about the fine single we did for them. We just told them not to be ridiculous."