Кто такая "королева пинг-понга" Mitzi Dupree, о которой в одноименной песне пел Гиллан на альбоме "The House Of Blue Light" в 1987 году?

Ian Gillan
("Kerrang!", No 137, 08.01.87)

       "And 'Mitzi Dupree' is a good one, too. Actually, it's a true story. I was on a plane going to Salt Lake City when I was in Black Sabbath and I saw this most amazing boiler - oh, a sensational lump! - so I went over to talk to her and she said, 'Hi, I'm Mitzi, Mitzi Dupree...' and I thought, 'Wow, what a great name!' I was in love.
       "Anyway, it turned out she was going up north to a mining town in Canada to do a show. So I asked her what she did and she told me that she did a show with ping-pong balls... Now, I've actually seen women do this before - in a small room behind a kitchen in Bangkok - and it's absolutely amazing. There was this Siamese girl onstage, and there were five Italians in the front row, all with a glass of wine each. She bent over backwards and - pop-pop-pop-pop-pop - these five ping-pong balls were fired out of you-know-where and each one landed in a glass - I swear to you! This bird also pulled out 50 double-edged razor blades from the same place all attached to bit of cotton, she signed autographs, she did paintings... It was unbelievable! And this was what Mitzi did."