Правда ли, что однажды Ричи Блэкмор едва не спровоцировал международный конфликт, фотографируясь на балконе?

"Guitarist", Jan'96

       "...when James, Guitarist's intrepid photographer, persuaded Mr.Blackmore that a night shot over the city of London could be had from the balcony, surprisingly, he was happy to oblige. Here's were we nearly created an international incident! In his pocket Ritchie carried a laser pen - "You can send a beam over a mile with this thing," he chortled. But the Special Branch, who were patrolling the roof of the Embassy opposite (Israeli Prime Minister had just been assassinated), had copped our little escapade: they could see the camera flashes and some strange man dangling something (a Fender Strat!) over the precipice 200 feet up. Let's say they had become 'interested'.
      It was at this point in the proceedings when Ritchie decided that pointing the laser their way might provoke a bit of fun (laser; rifle night-sight; armed police over the road). And it was only by wrestling him to the floor and physically removing the thing from his clutches (actually we just pleaded with him on our knees) that prevented certain retalliation from half a dozen kalshnikovs!"