Правда ли, что Джон Лорд играл с легендарным Джими Хендриксом?

Jon Lord
(alt.music.deep-purple, 12.03.96)

       "Yes it is true that I had a "Jam Session" with the divine Jim in or about the Spring of 1970 at a club in New York City called "Steve Paul's Scene Club." Jimmy used to go there almost nightly as a matter of course when he was at home in NYC and one night I was sitting having a drink, when he came over and re-introduced himself - we had first met in 1968 in Los Angeles after the Cream/Deep Purple concert in Inglewood - and asked if I would play organ for a bit of a jam. It was with Stephen Stills on bass and Buddy Miles on drums and Dave Mason on sax.
      Afterwards he asked if I'd be there the next night, and if so would I like to do it again. I did, and it was equally enjoyable - two great and memorable (for me at least) nights. I said goodnight and "see ya" to him after that second night, but sadly I never saw him again."