Играл ли Джон Лорд на альбоме "Bananas"?

      На альбоме "Bananas" (2003) в авторстве двух треков упомянут Джон Лорд. Играл ли он сам на этом диске? Слово - Роджеру:

Roger Glover
(alt.music.deep-purple, 03.09.03)

       "Both I Got Your Number and Picture Of Innocence were songs that we wrote a few years ago, hence Jon's inclusion as a writer but not as a performer, although he is on one of the demos.
      POI started as a jam between IP and SM in Greg Rike Studios some 3 or 4 years ago. It was recorded on a DAT which I took home with me, put in to ProTools (a computer programme that, amongst other things, makes editing easy) in my home studio, took bits and pieces and spliced them together to form the arrangement pretty much as it now exists, adding some bass guitar. In November 2001 we had a writing session in Steve's own studio in Ocala where I played the finished result to the rest of the band - we worked on it and eventually made a demo but with no finished lyrics. In LA, IG and I worked on the lyrics and finished it.
      IGYN started at the same writing session in Orlando but by the time we made a demo in Steve's studio it had undergone several changes; it was far, far more complicated to begin with - the riff was in various time signatures as the drums just thundered through in straight 4/4. We simplified it, wrote some lyrics, mostly IG's, and started performing it under the title Up The Wall. However, it always felt unfinished and it was only when we got to LA and played it for Michael that he suggested that it needed a chorus, so we wrote one. As is often the case, IG sang garbled words over the band as we routined it, I thought I heard him sing the words 'I got your number' although he probably didn't; he kind of sings words that aren't words but sound like they are. Anyway, I sang them back to him and it clicked. There is the song.
      So, Jon wrote them with us but Don played on the record. There are several ideas kicking around that were written while Jon was still with us and some of them have great potential. I hope one day we'll be able to work on them again."